Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's a line from an 'Asia' song, apparently.

I met this dude on the way home from work.
I was on the bus with one of my co-workers, Kieth, who has a lot
of tattoos (including a portrait of his own face, three Godzillas, and
a leather gauntlet on his arm).
This guy was staring at the "leather gauntlet" on his arm.
"Yo man, nice tattoos"
Kieth, "thank you."
"You get those in Boston?"
"You get those done at a, what are they called? You get those done at a tattoo parlor."
"Yeah, that's what they're called."
Looking at the image emblazoned on the side of the gauntlet he asks, "is that a dragon?"
At this point the guy leans in toward Kieth.
"Hey man, touch the pole. Ride the dragon's wing?"
"Touch the pole, ride the dragon's wing?"
"Hey, touch the pole. Ride the dragon's wing."
At this point I had to turn around and because I couldn't stop grinning.
Sometimes you just get lucky.

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