Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Australian wildlife

I have been in Australia with my lady for the past week and today we went out to the country to the reptile park. We saw many reptiles but who cares. There were dingos! This is the female.
This is one of the park's Koalas curled up in a tree, sleeping.
This little wombat was real friendly and came right up and let us touch him. He was very cute and a bit nappy.
A wallaroo, which I learned is a kangaroo mixed with a wallaby.
Here I am petting a Kangaroo. This Kangaroo was tolerant, and tired.
Here I am again petting a farm cat. I am wearing the same clothes but this is from a different trip.


  1. Australian wildlife is prob. the cutest in the world. Fuck them.

  2. Agreed. For every cute animal though, they have 10 very ugly, very poisonous reptiles and fish. That's science fact.