Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seattle and LA

Keppie and I spent this last week in LA and the week before we were in Seattle. We went to Sasquatch for a day, which made me feel very old... but we did get to see LCD Soundsystem and Massive Attack, which was fun. Anyway, I made a few drawings on the trip... of our trip.
View from our first room at the Moore Hotel in Seattle.
After the music festival we came back to the Moore but had a different room, with a view of the bay and the weirdest parking lot.
 I don't know what the deal is with running highways right along beaches in the states, but its ugly. I sat looking up at the city from Pike Place Market (which is a tourist spot thats actually worth going to) and drew this fellow on a typically gray, cloudy day.
The inside of our hotel room on Venice Beach.
The plane ride home.


  1. also. you doing these with one a them fancy computer stylus tablet dealies?

  2. no, but I do have a little travel brush with a plastic squeeze tube for ink (they are cheap! about $6.00).

  3. these are awesome dude, the one out the window especially. I love drawing on airplanes....

  4. Dood, you're getting nasty in ink! These look like Paul Pope drawings.

  5. Always amazing. What pens do you use? I have a pen fetish, and whatever you are using would make me cum while writing my name over and over on a piece of greasy cardboard. I wish I had known you were going to be in my area. Next time I suppose.

  6. you make some more
    jesus,.. that shit takes time brotha!