Thursday, August 5, 2010

BUY AWESOME T-SHIRTS!!!!! Check em out!

Each shirt is twenty bucks (a little more if we have to ship it) and all the profit goes towards the Oh Nancy show in Salt Lake City. For shirts, email me, Nate Wellman or Arthur Henderson at or call me on the phone.

The following two designs are collaborative works by Nate, Arthur and myself.

The design below was made for PPALMM (Paul Morse) who is an excellent musician and person. Shirts are twenty bucks but posters (that glow in the dark) are fifteen bucks. Each print is signed and numbered by me! Edition of 9 prints total.

This shirt was made for Open Bicycle in Somerville, they are printed in bleach and ink as a result are very very soft.

Come on, they're pretty cool and its for a good cause.


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  1. i will totally buy one of those grey-ass shirts when i get back east.