Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sean McCabe's blog!

Just checked out my brother's blog (hadn't in a while) and was totally blown away. His drawing is amazing. Check it out here.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Moonshine Society

Some friends of mine in Washington asked me to draw a few things for their amazing band The Moonshine Society. Such fun stuff to draw. More to come.

Chicago: Grey, with mixed precipitation.

Kep and I took in Chicago yesterday.

We walked around in the rain. We saw the weird metal donut. We went to the Art Institute and got bored and tired. I hobbled around, one crooked hand holding my poor old back. It's making me think I should exercise in the future. Far in the future, when Harrison Ford is young again and we have to fight with robots just to live one more day in our vampire free cave. I'm not sure why we would be living together (where is Keppie?).

Both of us were excited to have an authentic Chicago experience. We went to Pizzeria Due across the street from our weird hotel and ate real Chicago deep dish pizza. Turned out that Due was pretty much the same as Unos, and by that I mean that it was started by the owner of Unos, across the street from Unos, with exactly the same menu as Unos.

Other than Keppie trying to look like fat lipped Al Capone, the highlight was hearing an intense blue eyed woman sitting at an adjacent table say, "It wasn't working so he cut off his hand. It was the best decision he could have made. Now he sells bionic arms."


Wiping pizza grease from our faces we made our way to a little club called Blue Chicago. Obviously we wanted to see some Blues. All the other white tourists did too. And we all saw/heard some good blues but it felt a little contrived and inauthentic.

I suppose we did arrive a little late to the Chicago Blues scene. Sixty years?

Now we have left, back on the road headed to my sister's place in Missouri for Thanksgiving. Still grey, precipitation still mixed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Western Mass with family and our first crap hotel!

The first step of our trip west took Kep and I to the Berkshires to hang with my folks for a bit. It did feel a little lame to stop after only two hours knowing how far we have to go in total but it was nice and chill after the mad scramble to get out of Boston. 

Here is a shot of my parents. They are both awesome.

At some point I made Kep give me a haircut because I looked like a crazy homeless with greasy sculptural hair.
Those before and after shots are a little deceptive because I changed clothes. But that's all.

 One day in the sticks and Kep bought a track suit from Kmart.
 HAHA! My wife is the best!

Back on the road today. We drove to Cleveland in the rain listening to the Keith Richard's book Life. I don't think its just the drugs, or the frequent use of the word swine, but I think there are many similarities between Hunter S. Thompson's stories and Keith Richard's. It made me want to drink and drive a little. I refrained.

Here's a picture of Keppie listening. Do you see?
Do you see her face listening ?
Here is the best thing! When we finally got to our cheapo motel we saw this sign.
We were laughing so hard. I love the idea of advertising NEW STAFF!

Give us a try!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Goodbye Boston!

My wife Keppie and I are moving to LA!

We both got back this past Monday from the Oh Nancy show in Salt Lake City and gave ourselves until Friday to pack all of our belongings and start driving. And look, Boston, it's not ALL your fault. Just mostly.

Here I am packing up my studio leaving salty stains on the ink spattered floor. Except that I didn't really because I am so masculine all the time.

We had an impromptu going away thing Thursday evening after loading our "Door-to-door" shipping container with all of our earthly possessions (as opposed to the other kind of possessions?)

Pete and Nate were having a nice moment without me, so I decided to ruin it.

After everyone left that night at about 1:30 in the morning Keppie ran out of our room yelling "Someone lit our pod on fire!!" Which was true.
Luckily some Chinese dudes from the restaurant downstairs put the flames out pretty quickly so by the time we got down to it the wood was only gently smoldering.

We decided that we should take turns watching the pod from our window until dawn, vigilante-style. I took first watch and ate sausages and tried to read a book in the dark with one eye. It was tired work and I gave up around 3:00am. Keppie slept through her watch and everything was fine. Probably because I watched so hard.

In the morning after our stuff got picked up (the Door-to-door guy found the fire hilarious and said something like "Ha ha ha! I've never seen THAT before!") we discussed the identity of our arsonist(s). Keppie thought maybe the bike couriers who lived downstairs from us had done it because of a beef they have with the Boston Pedicab company (Our buddy John pedicabs). Our (old?) roommate San thought maybe it was one of our friends who passionately objected to us leaving (we ruled this out because that behavior usually starts with peeing on a bed or someone dragging their ass across a carpet).

The theory I favor is that we were caught in a battle between the friendly Wah Lum Kung Fu studio downstairs from our place and some evil demon worshiping group from else where in Chinatown...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Paese dei Balocchi"

Salt Lake City artist Mary Toscano and I have been mailing work back and forth for the past three months working on a collaborative drawing... That is finally finished! This is an accordion book with binding and letterpress by Mary, silk screened by me, and hand colored by the two of us.

Mary is freakin' awesome and it was so nice working with her. Expect to see more of our collaborative work in the future.

You can see more of Mary's work at Hankie Frankie.

"The Hideout" opening on the 13th.

I have been in Salt Lake City for the past two weeks with the Oh Nancy crew building and setting up "The Hideout" at GARFO. GARFO is an exhibition space run by Cara Despain and Kenny Riches at the Visual Art Institute. Cara and Kenny had to deal constantly with us for two weeks, running around getting us food or building materials and shuttling us from place to place. They are the greatest. And also amazingly funny.

Sculpture by Nate Wellman.

Man with his head in Arthur Henderson's oven.

Clyde Ashby performing with his friend, writing football plays in the locker room.

Clyde again, looking totally awesome.

Morganne Blair Witchfield performing at the opening.

Micol Hebron as Nancy at the opening. She and Morganne performed in tandem, switching from footballer to Nancy halfway through the show, racing around, wrestling or falling to the ground and remaining motionless for long stretches of time. Morganne and Micol are so cool it is slightly intimidating.

 Another great moment with Clyde in the locker room. He is also very cool, I mean, look at him.

A final ritual at the end of Micol and Morganne's performance.

 We had a great turnout and a dance party with beer and mixtapes afterward. Such a fun show to work on, such great people involved and a little strange to be back in Boston.