Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"The Hideout" opening on the 13th.

I have been in Salt Lake City for the past two weeks with the Oh Nancy crew building and setting up "The Hideout" at GARFO. GARFO is an exhibition space run by Cara Despain and Kenny Riches at the Visual Art Institute. Cara and Kenny had to deal constantly with us for two weeks, running around getting us food or building materials and shuttling us from place to place. They are the greatest. And also amazingly funny.

Sculpture by Nate Wellman.

Man with his head in Arthur Henderson's oven.

Clyde Ashby performing with his friend, writing football plays in the locker room.

Clyde again, looking totally awesome.

Morganne Blair Witchfield performing at the opening.

Micol Hebron as Nancy at the opening. She and Morganne performed in tandem, switching from footballer to Nancy halfway through the show, racing around, wrestling or falling to the ground and remaining motionless for long stretches of time. Morganne and Micol are so cool it is slightly intimidating.

 Another great moment with Clyde in the locker room. He is also very cool, I mean, look at him.

A final ritual at the end of Micol and Morganne's performance.

 We had a great turnout and a dance party with beer and mixtapes afterward. Such a fun show to work on, such great people involved and a little strange to be back in Boston.


  1. awwwh.... warms my heart. like Art's oven warms that man's head.

  2. Oh Nancy ROCKS! What a fun and brilliant show. Thank you for letting us partake in the arty goodness!