Monday, November 22, 2010

Western Mass with family and our first crap hotel!

The first step of our trip west took Kep and I to the Berkshires to hang with my folks for a bit. It did feel a little lame to stop after only two hours knowing how far we have to go in total but it was nice and chill after the mad scramble to get out of Boston. 

Here is a shot of my parents. They are both awesome.

At some point I made Kep give me a haircut because I looked like a crazy homeless with greasy sculptural hair.
Those before and after shots are a little deceptive because I changed clothes. But that's all.

 One day in the sticks and Kep bought a track suit from Kmart.
 HAHA! My wife is the best!

Back on the road today. We drove to Cleveland in the rain listening to the Keith Richard's book Life. I don't think its just the drugs, or the frequent use of the word swine, but I think there are many similarities between Hunter S. Thompson's stories and Keith Richard's. It made me want to drink and drive a little. I refrained.

Here's a picture of Keppie listening. Do you see?
Do you see her face listening ?
Here is the best thing! When we finally got to our cheapo motel we saw this sign.
We were laughing so hard. I love the idea of advertising NEW STAFF!

Give us a try!

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