Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Texas has some tiny towns

We had sunshine as soon as we passed over the border into Texas. It was still fairly cold but the sun did heavy lifting for tiny car morale. My favorite time in New England is hands down that first warm day of spring, when people rediscover their humanity and acknowledge one another. Smile and make eye contact.
The landscape was also quite striking, these massive pyramids of rock in an otherwise monotonous plane of shrubbery and yellowed grass. Slow fly covered cows swishing and chewing and squeaky oil derricks plumbing back yards. We passed barns, derelict lean-twos of sheet metal and sun brittled wood, sitting in isolation. I'm not sure they were ever used, maybe as movie sets.

We stayed in Austin with my aunt Mary and her husband for a day and a half. It was nice and quiet and they had a pack of snorting wiener dogs. At one point they all howled together like they were singing, but not well. I have heard so much about Austin and wish, like most other places we passed through, that we had had more time there. The best spot we checked out was Domy books. Domy is an art book store with a gallery in the middle. Very cool (thanks Jared).

The rest of our Texas time was spend driving and eating BBQ. We stopped at this gas station cafeteria off the highway where pigs and things were roasted in thick concrete boxes. It was delicious. And the thick fat collected in pickle buckets looked delicious.
We also passed these.
Truth or Consequences kills me...

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