Friday, December 3, 2010


Better late and with two tiny torturers than without.

We drove from Chicago to Missouri in what continued to be one long grey week. Kep and I found Chicago a little disappointing (except that it looks like a city from the future of the 80's) and were happy to be back on the road.

We got our first flat that day. We had hoped that once we got into Missouri the freezing windy grey would give way to warm weather and blue skies. Instead our tire gave way (oooh!) and we figured out how to change a car tire. I AM A MAN (right?).

We arrived at my sisters place on Thanksgiving around three. It was awesome. Nell (my sister) and Steve cooked this totally crazy meal. Just to start with when we got there we had dates wrapped in bacon, spicy lobster salad on endives, blue cheese and brie on fresh baked bread, smoked salmon and a little red wine.

Matilda and Freya (my nieces) kept me quite busy. For some reason my connection with kids usually comes out of terrible violence and ceaseless tickling. They are fantastic.
Both (especially Matilda) draw all the time, probably more than I do, and have many many wonderful ideas. Drawing with kids is a bit humbling because of how genuinely creative they are. Over the years I have internalized so many little rules about line, form, color, mark making, etc... that I don't notice until I run into someone who doesn't have those rules (yet).
From left to right: Matilda, Freya, Nell and Steve.

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