Monday, January 17, 2011

A short illustrated story about alopecia - part 1

We were talking about how, for a price, you can eat sushi off a naked woman in Japan. "They put all the worst sushi over the fun bits though!" My friend said.

"So over the breasts, it’s like, total garbage—old cabbage or something— so you never really get to see anything good anyway.

And you have to use chopsticks too, or they kick you out, you’re gone."

"That’s fucked. Women are not dinner plates," my wife chimed in.

"Wait, can you order sushi on a naked guy? Cause then that seems more fair."

"I doubt it," someone else chimed in, "I mean, who would want that? There's a lot more hair on a dude."

"True," I said "The only way I would eat sushi off a dude is if he had alopecia."

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