Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Old HB makes a great subject

Got home and spent the last working hour of my day drawing Humphrey Bogart. They don't all look like him and you don't get to see all of em, but these are the least terrible. Tonight I plan to enjoy The Big Sleep in honor of my self indulgence. I mean the movie, not that I'm going to die after this post.


  1. Can I have the 3rd one down? Or trade you something amazing for it? I'm totally serious.

  2. Before you give/sell it to the arctic slope your dad would like a copy - so only give it to him if he agrees that your Dad can put it on one of his summer T-shirts. I mean it, if you don't I'll cut you off from all my debts without a penny.
    I thought of emailing you about that when I first saw it but forgot, you know about what's that thing, alz... something.
    So, I thought of it first.
    Your Dad

  3. what do you think of a whole bunch of them (20-30) in a grid on a shirt?

  4. I think Portraits of the Young Artist as a Gangster could work. Me, I like the minimalist one portrait, about 4" x 3" and around or near one's nipple is where it should go.