Thursday, May 5, 2011

Featured in Bliss Magazine!

Really excited to be featured alongside KRK Ryden, Judith Supine and... Devo! Crazy.
Beautiful and flattering profile by artist/writer Cara Despain. If you don't know her work, well, fix that here. you won't regret it.

If you want to check out the rest of this months Bliss click... here!

And if you want to read about me just scroll down a bit.

Working from a self-described notion of ‘magical thinking’, Fionn McCabe’s illustrative, sprawling, graphic drawings denote a larger undertone: mythos. Mythos of American culture, desperation, the fantastic, and the collisions thereof. Informed by the practices of printmaking, painting, drawing, and the occasional sculpture, McCabe’s work is reactionary—he responds to his own life and experiences, and the lives of those around him by weaving an ongoing narrative loose enough to change constantly, but consistent enough to have repeating themes, characters, and identifiable elements that resonate through familiar struggles. Part of the familiarities are his contemporary and art-historical influences, and references to pop culture. Though much of his work can appear jubilant or humorous, his graphic novel-style ink drawings often also carry a darker gestalt. Like two sides of a classic comic book character, his works are at once elegant and surreal, and frightening; psychologically somehow true to life. Internal struggles—a sense of personal failure, mistrust, deflated expectations, social pressures and anxieties—are crouched just beneath the tense surfaces that, while playful, are also often costumes for a painful interior.

Technically, his adroit handling of line and material is made evident is his usually large-scale pieces. Accented with ink washes, printed elements, and the occasional (as of late) color swath. Much like the conceptual part of his practice, the drawings are a largely intuitive give and take process—the lines of unsuccessful attempts show like a furrowed brow and sometimes become an element that alludes to failure, or triumph. His prolific art making embraces both.

Often working in collaboration with other artists (the Oh Nancy art collective that he co-founded being his most significant) the Bostonian, recently relocated to Los Angeles, mails drawings back and forth to collaborators across the country. An extension of his own narrative and technical explorations, these collaborative works are also successful, and reveal his ability to riff off of and respond to the practice of others. McCabe has shown extensively on the east coast, and in various cities throughout the US. He will be showing at Causey Contemporary in Brooklyn, NY in July.

-Cara Despain, Bliss Magazine, May 2011

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