Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"My Love For You."

Meighan at "My love for you..." posted about the process of creating "Another electric nap". If you don't know her blog you are missing out, she is constantly interviewing artists, doing studio visits and generally posting items of interest. Worth a look for sure.

Here is a taste of what appears on "My love for you."... about me!

"I start sketching in pencil and map out a few things to get myself started, then go right in with ink. I generally mix some color into the ink so that, when watered down, I can play warm and cool tones off one-another to give the drawing a little more depth."

"Once I have the majority of the drawing done I block parts out and silkscreen dot patterns into the piece which pops certain elements out, push others back and add a little textural variation."

"The last step is always to get a little sloppy, "ruin it" a little bit in an attempt to imbue the work with some energy. I use large crappy brushs that I can't control as well to make more gestural lines and marks. I decided to add a little bit of airbrush too. Things weren't looking desperate enough but airbrush can fix that real quick."

There is more at "My love for you." Check it out here!