Sunday, October 9, 2011

Graphic: Exhibit A: Fionn McCabe and Sri Whipple, and Exhibit B: Erin Riley

Excited for the upcoming show, "Graphic" in Utah!
Exhibition Dates: October 14 – November 15
The Central Utah Art Center presents graphic— two pocket exhibitions curated by former GARFO Art Center curator Cara Despain.  The exhibitions are linked by a common visual language executed via different formal modes and materials, and situate the graphic within contemporary art; setting it apart from the illustrative and commercial and pushing it past the linear narrative.

exhibit a: Fionn McCabe and Sri Whipple—Los Angeles-based artist Fionn McCabe and Salt Lake City artist Sri Whipple share several common influences and formal sensibilities concerning the language of graphic novels,  but also depart from it in content and execution.  The exhibition will show collaborative mixed media works, in addition to pieces created individually, that intersect, combine, dissect and even subvert this language, and also mark the differences between the two artists.

exhibit b: Erin Riley—Culling images from sources such as Google and Facebook Philidelphia-based artist Erin Riley makes permanent a facet of contemporary culture, and points to a loose narrative as told by the Internet.  The tapestries use an old medium to address very contemporary issues, and subdue the explicit by simplifying the images into more graphic forms.
If you don't know Erin's work, which is dope, you can check it out here.

Come see it! Here's another sneak preview...

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