Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 uncharacteristic pictures of... me!

That is, 2 uncharacteristic pictures of me... poorly copying sean phillips. I just finished reading his latest book with Ed Brubaker, "The last of the Innocent", and it was totally amazing!

I have been preparing for my first foray into comics, writing and refining scripts and thumbnails and trying on different styles. Just generally practicing and trying to get as many mistakes out of the way as possible before I buckle down. So keep that in mind! These are just practice!
These are uncharacteristic, not because I don't usually draw myself (because I do), but because in one I am really violent and in the other it looks like I can grow facial hair.


  1. My God son, what's happening to you!

  2. For the last time dad, I am NOT your god son! Boom!